Maci Opens Up About Farrah's Video

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There seems to be no shortage of opinions from the Teen Mom girls when it came to Farrah's tape, and Maci is the latest with an opinion. Typically I would probably just skip this, but apparently I am only posting for donations, but most importantly I wanted to give Maci credit. See, I haven't exactly been kind to Bentley's mother over the years, and that's because she has spent a large portion of her 20ish life being drunk. I am not sure where her drinking stands these days, but I do want to say her reply about Farrah was probably one of the most mature and well thought out responses any of the moms could have given.

Maci Has A New Guy, Not Named Ryan or Kyle

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I guess all those rumors of Maci and Ryan hooking back up again came to a crashing halt recently when Maci announced she is playing hide the salami with some dude named Taylor. I know I'm going to screw up a lot by calling him Tyler, so if I do, just pretend I smashed my head against my desk and now going through a mild concussion.

Teen Mom - Is This Dalis And Kyle Thing Really Happening?

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So let me give you a little refresher if you've been too busy the last few days with last minute Christmas shopping (oops, Holiday shopping - don't want to offend more people than I already do!). Ryan and Dalis have decided they're both too pretty for each other, took their respective hair product and went their separate ways. There were no specific reasons given, only big mysteries based on cryptic messages from Dalis saying people would be SHOCKED to know the truth (doubtful).

Teen Mom - The World Is Ending, Ryan and Dalis Broke Up Again!

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Before I begin writing about anything Teen Mom related, I want to first address the tragedy that happened last Friday.

Teen Mom - Farrah, Maci Spin-Off Stuff

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Rumorfix - Just as the 21-year-old expressed relief that Teen Mom is over, Abraham is jumping right into her next television venture. She tells RumorFix, "The show will be more or less about my culinary background since I got my degree in that, and [the show will be about] some other products that I'm putting out."

OK, Farrah, that sounds interesting and all, but where's the juicy drama stuff?! The mom-of-one reveals, "And then of course [the show will be about] my mom drama-I love my mom but then there's just that natural hemisphere of drama." Yes!

Teen Mom - Guess Who Else Is Back Together

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Well, not 'officially', but from the sounds of a twitter discussion recently, they're clearly living together. Someone tweeted to Kyle to ask his 'boss' if he can go to the gym while tagging Maci in the post. Maci replied "I'm not even at home I think he's asleep tho" which clearly sounds like they're living together. There has also been all types of rumors/reports of them hanging out together even after the breakup, so it appears they're probably back to bumping some uglies.