Teen Mom OG: Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

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Hey all! I'm back for another Monday night recap of America's favorite sh*t show! According to TV Guide, this week's episode is going to feature, "Simon re-entering Farrah's life; Catelynn and Tyler worrying when Butch starts dating; Maci, who's overwhelmed with life, needing Taylor to step it up; and Amber wanting to take Leah on a trip." Because of my current circumstances, I will not be able to do a live recap, but never fear! I should be able to stream soon after it airs and have a recap up before morning for those of you who read the recaps to get all the details. I'm also thinking of tallying how many times we see Maci with a drink in hand, now that we know she was preggers when this was all taped. It looks like she has a margarita in the sneak peek for tonight's episode. Watch it here. Enjoy everyone!

Teen Mom OG Sneak Peeks and Open Discussion

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The sneak peeks for the upcoming episode of Teen Mom OG are out and this episode looks like it will be a juicy one! I thought this would be a good place to discuss what's coming up on the show. My apologies to my international peeps who can't watch the clips on MTV's website. I tried to find them on YouTube, but they haven't been uploaded yet. I'll include video links if they become available soon!

Teen Mom OG: Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

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Hey party people! It's Monday again and I'm missing my fave Cardi B on Love and Hip Hop to see my other favorite hot messes! At least I still get my Farrah fix! According to TV Guide tonight's episode will feature "Farrah [being] evicted from a party in the Hamptons; Amber [struggling] with Gary's visitation schedule for Leah; Catelynn and Tyler [having] their bachelor and bachelorette parties; and Maci [being] upset that Taylor has yet to propose." Let's get ready to dig into this one!

16 & Pregnant: A Look Back ft. Maci Bookout

16 and Pregnant

Hey folks! As I mentioned on twitter, I'm starting a series of articles that looks back on the 16 & Pregnant episodes that feature the members of the Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 cast. For the next several weeks, I'll be doing recaps and reviews of these older episodes. I, myself, was only 15 (two days away from Sweet 16) when 16 & Pregnant started airing, so I know I'll be feeling some major nostalgia! This week, I'm kicking things off with the episode that started it all! Now let's get into it and see the beginning of Southern sweetheart, Maci Bookout's, story:

Teen Mom OG: Season 2

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I know we're all consumed with the return of Teen Mom 2 right now, but it looks like we might be seeing more of the original Teen Mom ladies in our near future.

Maci Delivers Second Baby

taylor mckinney

Maci Bookout became a reality television sensation when she began starring on MTV's Teen Mom, and her popularity hasn't really seemed to slow down much. Regardless of her party girl reputation, and some of her questionable life choices, she's kept a ton of fans, and people are still pretty interested in her life.

Maci Finally Accomplished Something

maci bookout

I know that some people really think that Maci is the best mom to hit this franchise, but her son is 6 years old and she still hasn't really accomplished anything. She's yet to finish a 2 year degree, and she's not the type of girl that finishes things that she begins (unless we're talking about alcoholic beverages). Surprisingly enough, Maci has finally finished something semi-productive.