Kailyn's Court Situation


When tuning in to Teen Mom 2 last week, we learned that Kail and Javi were trying to move to Dover, Delaware in order to being their lives together. This week, Zap2It provided us with an exclusive clip of the upcoming episode, which reveals a little more about Kailyn and Jo's court case. Apparently, Kailyn and Jo had a custody agreement set in place that required both of them to stay in state while raising their son, Isaac. Jo moved to New Jersey a little over a year ago, which technically violated his custody agreement, causing Kail to get upset. Kail then married Javi and he joined the Air Force. After his training, he was stationed fairly close to home in Dover, Delaware at Dover Air Force Base.

Jo Violates His Custody Agreement

kailyn lowry

Kailyn and Jo are not strangers to the stress that a custody agreement can cause while trying to successfully co-parent. We have seen these two in multiple blow ups throughout the last few seasons of Teen Mom 2, and it seems as though this season won't be any different. At the end of last season, we saw an exchange between Kailyn and Jo become physical, and Kailyn even went as far as to place a protection from abuse order on Jo for a while. The reason that the situation was a challenge at all was because Jo's girlfriend, Vee, was present when Jo was supposed to meet Kailyn to pick Isaac up. Apparently Vee had posted pictures of herself smoking marijuana and drinking, which was something that Kailyn didn't want her son to be around, and she didn't want Vee to be playing mom with her son. After Kailyn and Jo went to mediation, they agreed that no significant others would ever be present at their exchanges, which means Kailyn couldn't bring Javi, and Jo couldn't bring Vee.

Teen Mom 2 Girls in NYC

Chelsea Houska

The girls of Teen Mom 2 (and some boys and toddlers as well) are in New York City filming their reunion show and doing some interviews to help promote the new season of their show, which is set to air on January 21st. While in New York, the girls have remained relatively quiet, which is a shock, considering in the past they've been all over social media telling people where they're at and what they're doing.

Another Teen Mom Following In Farrah's Footsteps?

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Blind Item - This Teen Mom saw how much money Farrah Abraham made so shot her own porn video Monday.The actor who shot with her says she was wasted but they filmed anyway. The mom controls theproduct so it's up to her what to do with it. He says there is nothing glamorous about the shoot and that if the public is expecting something nice and sweet then this porn is not for them.

Battle Of The Teen Moms

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As most of you already know, the rumor I posted last week has been confirmed over the weekend. Teen Mom 3 officially received the ax, leaving all 15 of their fans left out in the cold (I kid, sort of). The cast of the show took to twitter over the weekend to express their sour grapes as they took shots at the two successful versions of Teen Mom in the process. It's a pretty hilarious read for many reasons, and you can read the entire thing at starcasm, but I'll post some highlights.

Meet Lincoln Marshall Mathers.. err Marroquin

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(image via In Touch)

It's only been two days or so, and we are already seeing the first pictures of Kailyn's son, Lincoln Mathers (I am going to just call him that instead of Lincoln Marroquin because it sounds cool). I originally got my hands on the photo without the InTouch watermark and had a whole post raving about not selling to the highest bidder. The cynic in me did some searching and I didn't see this picture on her twitter or instagram. Someone then e-mailed me the photo with the InTouch logo, so I went to their site and naturally they're claiming rights to the exclusive first image.

Teen Mom 2 - Kailyn Is Not Ashamed Of Her Baby Bump

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(obviously not Kailyn)

Gather - Kail Lowry and her husband Javi Marroquin are expecting their first child together in November, but so far, they have been staying extremely mum on the pregnancy and while photographs of Kail's baby shower recently hit the web, she hasn't been posting any baby bump photos since. Because of that, some fans have assumed that she's ashamed to be pregnant again at such a young age.

Last night, Kail addressed the issue.

"There's a difference between being ashamed of something & just trying to keep something private," Kail tweeted.