New Details from Kailyn's Book

kailyn lowry

Kailyn's book, "Pride over Pity" is set to release on Tuesday, and in order to promote the book, she's shared some traumatic details from the book with Radar Online. These short quotes from the story reveal some extremely heartbreaking moments in Kailyn's life, and they show a side of things that we haven't seen during her time on MTV.

Kailyn Gives Co-Parenting a Shot

kailyn lowry

During last season's reunion special, Kailyn met Jo's girlfriend, Vee, for the first time. Things didn't go so well, and Kailyn had bad relationship with Vee because of a picture that was posted online of Vee smoking a blunt through a gas mask. Kailyn, who has also been accused of smoking pot, said that the actions that Vee had taken would make it so that she couldn't be trusted alone with Isaac, even though Vee worked at a daycare center, and was going to school to become a teacher.

Does Jenelle Still Smoke Pot?

Jenelle Evans

There has been a lot of controversy lately in Jenelle Evans' life. She is currently in a relationship with a guy named Nathan Griffith, pregnant with her second child, and trying to regain custody of her first son, Jace. As if that wasn't stressful enough for the 22 year old, text messages recently surfaced which show that Jenelle is still smoking marijuana while she's pregnant. Radar Online posted the story a few days ago, and things have continued to spiral out of control since then. The text messages, which were supposedly sent to Radar from some guy named Josh, who happens to be a mutual friend of Jenelle and Tori, show comments such as "let's drive and smoke. I don't want to be here." While marijuana isn't specifically mentioned, there is mention of a blunt, and the source commented that Jenelle owns several bongs at her home. The source also stated that Jenelle smokes in order to make her morning sickness go away.

Kailyn's New Teeth

kailyn lowry

Actually, they're the same teeth that she's always had, but they've been modified just a little. Kailyn had braces put on back in October of 2011, and as of Thursday, they're officially off! Going along with Kailyn's braces, she also had some surgery on her gums. The surgery, which appears to be a form of gum contouring, makes her teeth appear to be bigger in her smile. I'm not sure if there's any medical reason why a person would do this, but it appears that most of the time, the procedure is simply cosmetic. Kail took to Instagram to showcase some before and after pictures from the surgery, where you can see just how dramatic the change in her gum line is.