Teen Mom 2 - Season 3 Preview Video

chelsea houska

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MTV has decided to give us a little taste of what we're in for with Teen Mom 2, season 3 with a very brief trailer. The show is going to be moved to Monday nights and begin on Nov 12th at 10pm est. For those wondering, we will definitely be live tweeting the crap out of it, so be sure to follow us before you forget.

Teen Mom 2 - Somebody Call The Uptight Police!

kailyn lowry

Sometimes I need to search for stories, and sometimes stories come to me. Take Isaac in a cage for example. Kailyn allowed him to play in the dog cage because what kid wouldn't want to play in such a cool little fort like that? What makes it a story is the instant outrage she received for letting him play in such a dirty filthy cage! Wetpaint has a few of the silly quotes from people regarding the situation, like "No way in hell would I allow my kid to play where the dog sleeps".

Teen Mom 2 - Kailyn Engaged To Javi Morroquin

kailyn lowry

I heard about this story yesterday from hollywoodlife, and sat on the story because I went to my first ever open house at my kids elementary school and it took longer than I anticipated. Is that a good excuse? No, I had plenty of time other than that, but I figured I would try to make myself seem important.

Former Teen Mom Camera Operator Spills Gossip

catelynn lowell

Leah was trashed by the camera operator

Often times, people who know certain things (like TV show camera crew, etc) appear on the website Reddit in an "Ask Me Anything" segment. Some are really interesting, some are pretty mild, and some are so outrageous that it's hard to believe it's true. That's what happened yesterday when an alleged person from the teen mom camera crew created one of those threads.

Kailyn's Been A Busy Girl

kailyn lowry

You often don't really hard much about Kailyn Lowry these days and that's probably a good thing. When you hear about Teen Mom cast, they're usually being arrested, or involved in pregnancy rumors leaked from their mother. Kailyn is general low key, but doesn't completely shy out of the spotlight like Chelsea and Leah (when she's not selling stories to tabloids). She's been vocal about her religious stance, has shot for the NOH8 campaign, and expressed her displeasure at some gay marriage ban.

Kailyn Lowry Let Us Know Her Summer Plans! What Are Yours?

kailyn lowry

I never really liked the term "Bucket List," because it just sounds so morbid. But now I see that Bucket List basically just means "List of goals I want to accomplish at some point in my life," and when you say it that way, it doesn't sound like you're beating down death's door. Well, Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry has her own Bucket List for the Summer! At first, I thought it was strange unless she's planning on joining the big MTV studio in the sky at the end of Summer, but I quickly realized it's just a list of goals she wants to accomplish before the season is out. Personally, I think that's a great idea! It's a shame Summer only shows up once a year, and then it's Winter for the other 9 months. I'm only half kidding. Those of you who live in New England know what I mean.