Does Jenelle Have a Thing for Jailbirds?

Jenelle Evans and David Eason

It seems you can't get news about Jenelle without finding out that either she, or someone she's connected to, has an impending sentence for some sort of charge. And sure enough, this time, Jenelle's fiance, David, is facing the music about a charge for violation of a domestic protective order against him.

Here's Why Jenelle's Ambush on Babs Crossed the Line

jenelle evans

Last week on Teen Mom 2, we saw how far Jenelle was willing to go to get custody of Jace back. According to Jenelle, she went over to Babs's house and pounded on the front door, then called the police in hopes of exposing Babs as having been drinking in the house. Of course, Babs came out and talked to the police and told them she never wanted to see her daughter again. A bit of background on this: "In Reading Between the Lines," Jenelle claims that Babs had absolutely no reason to seize control of Jace in the first place, when Babs did so after Jenelle had been going out partying a lot.

What Do Teen Mom Baby Daddies Spend All That Teen Mom Money On?

amber portwood

It's clear that the teen moms are making the kind of money through their gigs on MTV that they would otherwise NEVER be able to make it. Let's face it, these women (especially given their legal histories for stars like Amber Portwood or Jenelle Evans) aren't all that fit to do much else other than star on a reality show and leverage the publicity to churn out a few entrepreneurial ventures like books and merchandise. And it looks like another major liability for these teen moms is their baby daddies and their spending habits.

Jenelle and David's Shocking Fights

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If you've read "Reading Between the Lines," then you know that Jenelle is quite the fighter. She goes through girlfriends and boyfriends faster than anyone else and the relationships usually implode because of some sort of major dispute. Even Jenelle admits she has a temper and her tendency to be impulsive also makes this tougher for her in terms of managing friendships and relationships. It's no wonder then that Jenelle's relationship to David is just as tumultuous. But interestingly, the stuff that Jenelle and David fight about is pretty surprising and stupid.

How Much Are Teen Moms Getting Paid on Instagram to Promote Products? The Answer Will Shock You!

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Anyone notice that the Teen Moms have recently all started to promote products on their Instagram?

Whether it's Kail and Jenelle from Teen Mom 2 or Maci from Teen Mom OG, these moms have gotten another past time in between pregnancy and giving birth to children and that's making money through social media endorsements. Whether it's products for your teeth ,your face or your extra weight, these moms are increasingly promoting away.