Catelynn Defends Farrah's Return to TMOG

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Every time I type TMOG, it just looks wrong, but I guess change is good sometimes.

Farrah Abraham has really stirred the Teen Mom pot lately, as her return to the show has been one of the main focuses of the last couple of weeks. Farrah was initially deemed a bad influence for young women who would view the show, but after consideration from MTV's crew, it seemed as though the balance and timing was off with only three girls as a part of the series. This meant that Farrah was returned to Teen Mom, and all was well in the Teen Mom world - except for the fact that Maci Bookout had a major fit about her return, which was featured on the trailer for the show.

Teen Mom OG: Getting To Know Specials

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httpWe're just about a month away from the new installment of Teen Mom OG, and it's been a while since these girls have been on our television screens. MTV must have caught on to this concept, because on Saturday they're going to be airing new hour-long specials featuring each girl from the original Teen Mom spinioff. The specials are called "Getting To Know (Insert Name of Teen Mom)" and will feature the girls and their families reliving some of their most emotional 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom moments.

Teen Mom - New Name, New Logo, New Premiere Date

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Picture courtesy of MTV

It's been a couple of years since we last saw Maci, Catelynn, Amber, and Farrah on our television screens for any MTV business, but their return to Teen Mom has been highly anticipated. The news that MTV was bringing the original four moms back to our screens broke almost a year ago, and the families have been filming since. Thankfully, some things have changed this time around.

She's Back: Farrah Returns to Teen Mom

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Well, I had heard this news, but was hesitant to post about it until it was confirmed by Farrah herself. It seems like all that filming that Farrah Abraham has been doing was actually for MTV's camera crews, and that she's going to be rejoining the original Teen Mom girls in the spring.

16 & Pregnant Season 1 Update Post

16 and pregnant

I've received a lot of requests for a brief update on all of the 16 & Pregnant girls. Some of you had favorites from each season that didn't go on to Teen Mom spinoffs, and you've been searching for answers on where they're at now. I'm here to help as much as I can.

Farrah's Lips Are Back to "Normal"

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We all remember Farrah's botched lip injections from a week or so ago, and it's hard for me to get the mental image of that swollen upper lip out of my mind at times. Thankfully, Farrah's lips landed her a new spot on reality television on E! Network's Botched, which will air sometime this spring. Her lips have also made a full recovery from the bad injections, which means that Farrah was back at work on Saturday at a nightclub in New York.

This Week in Teen Mom News: Rings and Relationships Edition

This Week in Teen Mom News

1. Catelynn and Tyler set a wedding date

Catelynn and Tyler have been on-again-off-again with engagements since we first saw Tyler pop the question during Teen Mom in 2010. Since then, these two have had stints on Couples Therapy and an MTV reboot with Being Catelynn that showed just how unsure of the relationship Tyler really was. Surprisingly, this year for Christmas, Tyler gave his then very pregnant girlfriend a new engagement ring as an upgrade from her old one. While these two haven't officially announced any wedding dates this time around, a source close to the couple told The Ashley that baby Nova will be about 7 months old when they finally tie the knot. That would make the wedding set to happen sometime in late June or early July.