More details emerge about Mackenzie McKee's stolen sex tape that was definitely actually stolen and this situation is not at all made up

Vivid Entertainment

As previously reported, Mackenzie McKee insists that her sex tape was stolen and she is doing everything in her power to prevent it from getting out. She is so committed to making sure it stays private that she flew out to Los Angeles to speak to Vivid CEO Steve Hirsh face to face to sort things out. Mackenzie confronted him right outside the Vivid offices in an authentic encounter that Speidi and Courtney Stodden can only dream about.

Is Sophia Falling Through the Cracks?

farrah abraham

Because this doesn't look extremely forced...

Farrah can't seem to come up with anything to say about Sophia. EVER. Why might you ask? Because Farrah spends most of her time traveling the country and appearing at strib clubs and bars. And going to random red carpet events apparenty. Farrah wants fame. That is her goal in life and she has stated this before. SO what kind of role is she planning to play in Sophia's life. She brings in good money, yes. But is Farrah's biggest concern in life Money and Fame? It seems that she is VERY rarely at her own home, expect for maybe filming with MTV. Sophia isn't talked about much on any social media and Farrah's father is the one who takes care of her on a day to day basis, for the most part.

Buy a Piece of Farrah...

16 and Pregnant

Who wouldn't want my DNA?

And I am not referring to her sex toys. Farrah has taken "selling herself" to a whole new level. TMZ first reported that Farrah has partnered with Celebrity Gene to sell her DNA. If you haven't guessed, Celebrity Gene sells celebrity DNA. The samples--usually from a strand of hair--are liquefied and sold in keepsakes. Here is an excerpt from the site explaining their objective:

Vapor by Debra Danielsen: Book Summary and Review

Debra Danielsen

While I perused the comments of an article here on TMJ a few days ago, I saw readers discussing Vapor by Debra Danielsen, Farrah Abraham's mother. I had completely forgotten that it had hit shelves back in December, because it didn't become an instant best seller like the Teen Moms' books do. I couldn't have stopped my fingers from drifting to Amazon if I tried. The book recounts Deb's encounter with a catfish, who ran a quarter of million dollar scam on her! There are a lot of details, but I'll give you a basic breakdown.

Loss and Gain

farrah abraham

1. Simon says see you later?

Simon Saran was introduced as Farrah's gigolo boyfriend on Teen Mom OG. We watched as he dealt with wild child Sophia and Farrah trying to pressure him in to marriage. What happen to your prideful boast about not rushing to get married, Farrah? By the time Simon had to fly back home, he looked beyond irritated and ready to get the heck out of there. I would run from Farrah's baby talk too! Saran tweeted during the episode that it was MTV that had put in a bad mood and not Farrah trying to force him to bond with Sophia. Or Sophia giving the strangest growl when he pushed her hands away. Or...the list can go on. During the reunion special, Michael and Debra gushed about how happy Farrah was with Simon.

How Much Can I Make You Cringe in One Article?

Amber Portwood

1. Jo and Vee Reveal the Sex of Their Baby

It's what everybody has been waiting for! When it was initially announced that Jo Rivera of Teen Mom 2 fame and girlfriend of several years Vetzabe "Vee" Torres are expecting in March, fans joked that they wanted Vee to be pregnant with a baby girl just to get Kailyn's goat. Remember Kail's posts about Isaac asking for a little sister shortly after Lincoln was born? Well dreams really do come true! Vee shared the picture above to her Instagram account, confirming that she is pregnant with a daughter. Not to be outdone at garnering social media attention, Kail soon posted this video to her own Instagram account. Either Isaac is a super fickle kid, or Kail was trying to deflect all the jokes about her that began flyng on social networks soon after Vee's announcement.