Teen Mom OG Sneak Peeks and Open Discussion

catelynn lowell

The sneak peeks for the upcoming episode of Teen Mom OG are out and this episode looks like it will be a juicy one! I thought this would be a good place to discuss what's coming up on the show. My apologies to my international peeps who can't watch the clips on MTV's website. I tried to find them on YouTube, but they haven't been uploaded yet. I'll include video links if they become available soon!

Trouble in Teen Mom Paradise

mackenzie douthit

So remember last week when Kailyn went on a trip to Miami and met up with Teen Mom 3 stars, Briana and Brittany DeJesus, to get some discounted surgery? How could anyone forget that gory mess! Well, the plot thickens just like Kailyn's butt! Jenelle also took a trip to Miami this past week for "business." Ya know, like in the same sense Nathan was on a business trip last season of Teen Mom 2. Jenelle claims to be in Miami meeting with a ghostwriter for a book that she will be releasing this year and also working on a website she will be launching in February of this year. I'm making her Instagram picture plugging the website the main picture on this article, so that everyone remembers this moment in time when it eventually falls flat or gets abandoned like Farrah's frozen yogurt, Kailyn's interior decorating website, Maci's first clothing line and probably Amber's house flipping.

Farrah Abraham vs. Nicki Minaj Update + New Feud with Lisa Vanderpump

Debra Danielsen

Nicki Minaj and our girl Farrah Abraham got involved in some Twitter drama this week. If you missed it, here's a recap of what initially went down, including some updates on Debra and Sophia's involvement.

Teen Mom OG: Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

catelynn baltierra

Hey party people! It's Monday again and I'm missing my fave Cardi B on Love and Hip Hop to see my other favorite hot messes! At least I still get my Farrah fix! According to TV Guide tonight's episode will feature "Farrah [being] evicted from a party in the Hamptons; Amber [struggling] with Gary's visitation schedule for Leah; Catelynn and Tyler [having] their bachelor and bachelorette parties; and Maci [being] upset that Taylor has yet to propose." Let's get ready to dig into this one!

Sneak Peek: Teen Mom OG New Season

MTV has shared some new clips for the Teen Mom OG season premiere this Monday. It's going to a be a 2-hour episode. I'll be recapping the premiere, then Tomlin and I will alternate each week much like we did with the last season of TM2.

Third Times the Charm

farrah abraham

I'm back like bra straps baby! I'm so sorry I've been MIA from TMJ guys, but I have been reading your tweets and sharing them with the other writers. So if there's anything you're particularly interested in reading about here on Teen Mom Junkies, don't be scared to tweet me @TomlinTMJ. I've also been toying with the idea of revisiting some old 16&P, TM, TM2 and even TM3 episodes, just for nostalgia's sake. Are there any episodes that you junkies would be interested in reading about/discussing again? Lemme know!

The Little Mermaid & A New Prince Charming

farrah abraham

It's pretty much a consensus around here that Kail loves daring to be different, right? But did you know that she's edgy purple hair different? Because she is now! A few days ago Kail debuted her new hairdo on her Instagram page. I'm poking fun, but Kail isn't alone in the funky hair coloring fad, I'm sure you've seen young women all over your town rocking similar shades! The lavender hue Kail chose definitely gives me a mermaid kind of vibe. And if we know Kail, that was the whole point! Kailyn doesn't color her hair nearly as frequently as her cast mates, but I dig her subtle change.