I Feel Like I'm Missing Out On This Sulia Thing

jenelle evans

During slow periods, it's hard to just post stories on this blog unless they're really worth posting. Sure, I could upload a photo, maybe put a caption and try to get some visitors, but I just don't feel that is 'blogworthy'. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe people wouldn't mind seeing a page full of random pictures like Aubrey, Leah and Bentley with cutesy captions like this photo "Oh boy, Bentley really loves his Wheaties!" (I think I puked in my mouth a little with that caption).

Dalis Mad At Jenelle For Posting A Modeling Photo Of Her

Jenelle Evans

Before I begin with the story, you've probably noticed the lack of updates on this blog throughout the summer. There are two reasons for that. 1) I decided to actually try to have a life this summer since we have like 2 minutes to enjoy it in New England a year. 2) The free time I did have, I've been blogging about Big Brother. Now that both summer and Big Brother are winding down, expect to see an increase in stories here!

Maci Meets Dalis - Episode 4 Discussion Thread

dalis connell

Even though this is super old news if you've followed the blog for awhile, tonight on Teen Mom Maci Bookout will meet Dalis Connell for the first time! If you recall from last week, Dalis is the girl who "has no chance" with Ryan, yet are still together today (wait, let me check.... yup, still together. Tomorrow could be different).

Teen Mom Episode 3 - She Doesn't Stand A Chance

catelynn lowell

I have to admit, I'm in over my head right now. Melinda is in Florida on a much needed vacation, so that leaves me to handle both live tweets and recaps for this episode and next. Honestly, I've written exactly 0 recaps for Teen Mom, as my full time job is basically to keep track of Jenelle's constantly changing relationship status. I'll give it a go, but I doubt it will be as good.

Ryan Edwards and Dalis Connell Attended Jenelle's School Of Dating

dalis connell

After Teen Mom's Ryan Edwards and his girlfriend, Dalis Connell's, tumultuous week, it appears the couple quickly got back together again after the cheating rumor got sparked. Dalis almost immediately deleted any tweets regarding cheating and now the couple are spending quality time together again, as noted in Ryan's recent tweets: