Teen Mom 2 - Being Home And Staying Sober Is a Big Adjustment

chelsea houska

Ol' Shifty Eyes is back!

I'm baaaackkk!!! Didja miss me? I wrestled the blog away from Stevebeans, because I know how much you guys love my recaps! (At least that's what I'm telling myself, ahem).

Teen Mom 2 - Season 3 Preview Video

chelsea houska

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MTV has decided to give us a little taste of what we're in for with Teen Mom 2, season 3 with a very brief trailer. The show is going to be moved to Monday nights and begin on Nov 12th at 10pm est. For those wondering, we will definitely be live tweeting the crap out of it, so be sure to follow us before you forget.

Chelsea Houska Is Dating Someone Who's Not Adam

Chelsea Houska

There are two cringe worthy Teen Mom guys that I don't like hearing about. Kieffahhh (for obvious reasons) and Chelsea Houska's ex, Adam. Well, good news. Chelsea doesn't seem to be going down the path where she has to get back with her ex 73 times a year. Chelsea tweeted a picture of her locking lips with someone named Aaron Crisp: