Teen Mom 2: Weekly OK! Exclusive Clip

Chelsea Houska

It's Whoopsie-Doo Wednesday (I can't get enough of that!) so it's time for another exclusive clip from OK! Magazine. This week, the clip revolves around Chelsea Houska and her debacle with her esthetician's license.

Lots Of Stories Bundled Into One Post

chelsea houska

This post is going to be a little different, so stick with me while we work our way through it. There's been a lot of drama since the last episode of Teen Mom 2 aired, and I'm going to be breaking it down by each girl that's involved. This post will cover Jenelle's letter from PETA, Leah's tweet to a divorce lawyer, Chelsea's new alleged boyfriend, and Kailyn's new school schedule. I'll also talk briefly about some filming opportunities for the cast of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.

Teen Mom 2 Season 5b: Episode 2 Recap

chelsea houska

Editors Note - As I mentioned yesterday, Megan is gone for a few days, but fear not, the Teen Mom 2 recap is still here. We have someone new who wants to write for us, and this is her first piece. Nothing like jumping right into the fire. Please be kind!

What's the Deal with Adam and Chelsea?

Chelsea Houska

It's no surprise to anyone that Adam and Chelsea have had a pretty rocky custody battle over the past few years, and things seemed to escalate quickly after Adam finally filed for visitation rights on last season of Teen Mom 2. Since he obtained visitation with his daughter Aubree, things have been more hectic than ever. While Adam is granted visitation while his parents are around, and is not allowed to drive with Aubree in the car, it seems like he's not showing up for his time with Aubree, and his daughter often tells Chelsea that Adam was driving.