Can Chelsea Hurry Up and Stop Being So Damn Perfect?

chelsea houska

Let's face it, everyone watches Teen Mom for the hot mess that is Jenelle. After all, lately, Chelsea has just been so BORING. This is a plea for Chelsea to hurry up and become just a little bit more exciting. After all, is it just us, or have every recent scene in Teen Mom with Chelsea in it been about her and her domestic felicity?

FTC May Be Cracking Down On Teen Mom Stars Farrah Abraham and Chelsea Houska

chelsea houska

It looks like sponsored posts without disclosure are getting Teen Mom stars Farrah Abraham and Chelsea Houska in a bit of trouble with the FTC. When you posting a sponsored post from a company, it must be disclosed in some obvious way. If not, it is in full violation of the Federal Trade Comission's rules.

Chelsea Houska's Ambition Lands Her In Hot Water?

chelsea houska

Chelsea Houska and Farrah Abraham (naturally) are just two of the teen moms who have reportedly landed in some trouble with the FTC. Why you ask? Of course, it's all of those sponsored posts on social media.

Is Chelsea Leaving Teen Mom 2?!!! Here's the Straight Dope on That

chelsea houska

Chelsea's been more active than usual on Twitter lately and of course, what she's saying is attracting some attention given that she's throwing MTV under the bus. Apparently, a number of Chelsea's scenes have been cut together to make it seem like Chelsea has baby fever and Aubree is going underappreciated. Part of this has to do with the fact that Aubree does seem to be having some trouble adjusting to baby Watson. Part of this could also have to do with the fact that Chelsea is a mom who sets clear boundaries.