Catelynn Is Still A Good Person

catelynn lowell

It's no secret I'm pretty hard on the moms here, and always have been. Many of them are terrible role models and some are terrible people in general. Through all the years of blogging this show, one person has always stood out from the others, and that's Catelynn. She has done her best to remain a good person despite her sudden rush to fame. Sure, she probably took a little PR hit going on that couples therapy show, but still didn't come off like an asshole. Catelynn helps council people through adoptions, isn't getting arrested every other day, nor is she seen very often drunk off her ass in clubs.

Catelynn And Tyler On Couples Therapy Premiere Date

catelynn lowell

The long awaited and highly anticipated (by few) appearance for Catelynn and Tyler on VH1's Couples Therapy is creeping closer. I have to be honest, I never pegged this couple as the attention seeking type. When Teen Mom ended, you kind of figured Cate and Tyler would just end up in a 'Where are they now?' section of magazine 10 years from now.

Catelynn Fires Back At Farrah #Rolemodelmyass

catelynn lowell

Well, that escalated quickly....

Catelynn Lowell decided to chime in about the Farrah tape early in May by saying "All I have to say is she sounds like a dying horse. U kno who I'm talking about" to which Farrah replied "I know what jealousy looks like" while vowing to never speak to her again. She also mentioned her weight issue, which some sites have taken out of context. Farrah replied with "Catelynn has a weight issue, but I don't say harsh things about her to hurt her self-esteem.", however some sites have removed the last half which makes it look like a really low blow.

Happy Halloween!

catelynn lowell

Happy Halloween to all our fantastic readers! I haven't updated in a few days, and that was because I had a little thing called Hurricane Sandy bearing down on us, but fortunately for us (and unfortunately for NJ) she decided to bang a left and hit up Jersey. While I'm sure there will be plenty of Jersey Shore jokes coming out, living about 400 miles from NJ and witnessing the damage the storm caused up here, I can only imagine what they went through (the people, not the cast of the show). I hope all our readers made it through the storm ok!

Teen Mom - Catelynn And Tyler Spin-Off Now Too?

catelynn lowell

For those of you who were worried that the series finale of Teen Mom 1 would be the last time you'd see your favorite Teen Moms, think Jersey Shore. Would MTV really let cash cows like J-Woww and Snookie ride off into the sunset without making more money off them? No way. The same apparently is going on for the original cast of Teen Mom. There have been rumors of a Maci spin-off, Farrah all but confirmed hers, and I'm sure we'll see Amber on future episodes of "Cops". This leaves America's favorite bong hitting couple, Catelynn and Tyler as the lone members without a show... until now!

Former Teen Mom Camera Operator Spills Gossip

catelynn lowell

Leah was trashed by the camera operator

Often times, people who know certain things (like TV show camera crew, etc) appear on the website Reddit in an "Ask Me Anything" segment. Some are really interesting, some are pretty mild, and some are so outrageous that it's hard to believe it's true. That's what happened yesterday when an alleged person from the teen mom camera crew created one of those threads.

Teen Mom 2 - Rumor Control On Jeremy/Leah "Breakup"

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Ahh yes, the old tabloid catch-all story that covers all the latest rumors while exaggerating them on the cover to try and sell copies. I'm going to be honest and say I did not read the magazine to see the details. I have better things to do like stare at a spider outside my window than to run to the store and pay to pick up a copy of this garbage.