This Week in Teen Mom News: Rings and Relationships Edition

This Week in Teen Mom News

1. Catelynn and Tyler set a wedding date

Catelynn and Tyler have been on-again-off-again with engagements since we first saw Tyler pop the question during Teen Mom in 2010. Since then, these two have had stints on Couples Therapy and an MTV reboot with Being Catelynn that showed just how unsure of the relationship Tyler really was. Surprisingly, this year for Christmas, Tyler gave his then very pregnant girlfriend a new engagement ring as an upgrade from her old one. While these two haven't officially announced any wedding dates this time around, a source close to the couple told The Ashley that baby Nova will be about 7 months old when they finally tie the knot. That would make the wedding set to happen sometime in late June or early July.

Catelynn and Tyler Welcome Second Child

catelynn lowell

It seems like it was an eternity ago when Catelynn and Tyler announced that they were trying to conceive a second child, and shortly after that the two announced that they were expecting a child together in January of 2015. We've followed Catelynn's pregnancy through social media, and shared pictures of a gender reveal party, baby shower, and other various baby preparations. Today was the day that the two Teen Mom stars welcomed their second child into the world, and it seems like things went off without a hitch.

Catelynn and Tyler: Pregnancy Update Again

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Catelynn Lowell is around 30 weeks pregnant, and she and fiance Tyler Baltierra are gearing up for the arrival of their daughter. Over the weekend, they chose to have a baby shower to help get some things ready for their new baby. There were lots of gifts, including clothes, blankets, and toys. Guests from all over showed up, including both Tyler and Catelynn's mothers, and Dawn, the adoption counselor that we've grown to know over several seasons on Teen Mom. MTV was there to film the entire event, and several guests took the opportunity to pose with the crew. We can look forward to seeing more of the details of the day on the upcoming season of Teen Mom in early 2015.

Catelynn and Tyler: Pregnancy Update

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Catelynn and Tyler are expecting their second child sometime around the start of 2015, so they're gearing up for all things baby related. They have revealed that their second child is a girl, and that her name has the letter V in it somewhere, but besides that, there's not a whole lot of information that's been posted about their unborn child. Many are thinking that the couple is keeping their pregnancy quiet due to the fact that Teen Mom is coming back for a new season, and if all of the information is revealed, the show might not get high enough ratings.

Tyler and Catelynn Share Baby Name Details

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By now you've probably heard that Teen Mom couple, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are expecting their second child together. The couple is reportedly due some time around the beginning of the year, but I haven't heard an exact due date yet. During the last month they've officially commented on the pregnancy and revealed that they are expecting another girl.

Catelynn and Tyler's Gender Reveal

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Catelynn and Tyler had an ultrasound this week to check their unborn baby's progress, and they also opted to find out the gender of the child. The middle school sweethearts had a gender reveal party (I've seen more of these in the past year than ever before) to share the news with friends and family, but they also decided to videotape the event and share the excitement with all of their Teen Mom fans.

Teen Moms Move On

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Teen Mom's Catelynn Lowell and Farrah Abraham have had it out for each other for a few months now, but it appears that at the Couples Therapy reunion show, they sorted out their differences and are now trying to make a friendship work out.

Catelynn Bashes Farrah's Sex Toy Line

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Catelynn and Farrah have had made their differences pretty public since Teen Mom stopped filming, and any time something new happens in their lives, they're sure to comment on it. Catelynn has spoken out about Farrah's sexual business endeavors multiple times, being sure to mention that Farrah sounded like a dead horse in her first sex tape. Farrah has made negative comments regarding Catelynn's current pregnancy and the couple's inability to learn from mistakes and continue to make poor choices.