Matt McCann - What You Didn't See on MTV

Alexandria Sekella

Arabella, Matt, and Lekota

Teen Mom 3 dad, Matt McCann, has always seemed to get a bad rap. We saw things play out pretty poorly in his favor on MTV, and the drama hasn't stopped there. Matt's daughter, Arabella, has been stuck in the middle of a pretty messy custody situation, and things only get worse when you throw social media and reality television fame into the mix. It was, however, brought to our attention that there's definitely more to Matt's story than what was shown on Teen Mom 3, or what has been posted on social media accounts since the season ended.

What's New with the Teen Mom 3 Girls?

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Not much has changed in Katie's life since our last update. She's still dating the same guy, and even though she recently was awarded full custody of Molli so that she could move closer to her guy, it appears that she's still in Utah for the time being. Katie hasn't made any mention of Joey in a while, and it appears that she's keeping busy with work, while also being a mom and a girlfriend. As far as we know, Katie is not currently enrolled in school, although she had previously expressed that she made the move to Utah so that she could continue her education and obtain a Bachelor's degree. Katie also has some baby fever going on lately, and has shared several Tweets stating that it's a good thing her boyfriend is 600 miles away.

The Battle Between Alex and Matt

Alexandria Sekella

About a week ago, news got around that Alex may have a boyfriend. Now, normally people would be happy for a single mother to find someone who can treat her and her child like they deserve, but people began getting a little hesitant when they found out that the guy Alex was allegedly dating has a colorful criminal record, and a past that isn't squeaky clean.

Alex Sekella Claims to be Pro-Life

Alexandria Sekella

Alex, who might be Teen Mom 3's most outspoken cast mate, made some comments yesterday on her twitter that set off some of her followers. Alex, mother to Arabella, tweeted about her stance on abortion by saying, "Today is pro-life day and I am pro-life all the way except in the case of rape or life threatening"

Battle Of The Teen Moms

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As most of you already know, the rumor I posted last week has been confirmed over the weekend. Teen Mom 3 officially received the ax, leaving all 15 of their fans left out in the cold (I kid, sort of). The cast of the show took to twitter over the weekend to express their sour grapes as they took shots at the two successful versions of Teen Mom in the process. It's a pretty hilarious read for many reasons, and you can read the entire thing at starcasm, but I'll post some highlights.

Teen Mom 3 - Alex Sekella's Ex, Matt McCann Is In ICU

Alexandria Sekella

If you don't remember this season on 16 and Pregnant, Alexandria Sekella was the small town girl who tried to deal with a boyfriend who had some major drug issues throughout the episode. It was sad to see it unfold the way it did, and it appears that life caught up with Matt McCann as he was involved in a life changing accident last night.

Teen Mom 3 - Cast Basically Revealed

Alexandria Sekella

It's been one of MTV's worst kept secrets on who will be starring in the new Teen Mom 3 series, but the girls basically confirmed it recently by tweeting to each other about how excited they were about their upcoming meeting. I mean talking about serving it on a silver platter, you have Alex tweeting Mackenzie, Briana, and Katie about how excited she is about them all getting together.

16 and Pregnant Voting Results

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Now that the season is over for 16 and Pregnant, it's time to see who you thought should be on Teen Mom 3. If you didn't know, out of this season, 4 girls were to be selected for the newest series that will echo Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. There were a lot of good candidates this season, as personally I only found myself pretty bored through 1-2 episodes tops. (I won't say which)

Bonus Clip - Alex's Mother Talks About The Pregnancy

16 and pregnant

Last night had one of the better episodes of 16 and Pregnant probably all year. I won't double recap the episode, but you had Alex being pulled in all directions for all different reasons. Her mother, boyfriend, and her best friends parents were all pushing for adoption for their own reasons. Naturally her mother was looking out for her best interest and future, the boyfriend was looking for an easy way out (in my opinion), and her friends parents were the ones ready to adopt the baby if it came to that.