Who's the Bigger Trainwreck Mom? Farrah or Debs?

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Monday night's episode of Teen Mom OG got us thinking about who's the bigger trainwreck as a mom. If you didn't read our recap of Teen Mom OG, Season 7, episode 7, check it out here. The scene we're really referring to is the one in which Farrah and Debs are going at it and Sophia decides to actually put her hand over her ears and starting singing to herself.

Boy did we feel sorry for her. However, it's nothing that would keep us from unleashing the snark on Farrah and Debs. So let's take a look at these two's worst moments from the most recent episode.


On Monday night's episode Teen Mom OG, Deb had to show Farrah her wedding invite with her name qualified by her degree, which was not an MBA, no, it was an eMBA. Now, we're going to give her some credit for specifying that it was actually an "e" MBA, as opposed to trying to get away with saying that she has an actual MBA (she's just trying to keep it humble, guys!) but who would write their educational qualifications on their wedding invite, indeed.

It's possible dear Debs thought it would balance out Dr. David's "MD" and produce a more parallel form on the invite, BUUUUUUUT, seriously.


Not to be undone by Debs's "I'm gonna cake on the makeup of a 16-year old onto my 50-something face" Farrah went all drag queen on us and made sure her eyelashes were the size of our arms. We'll give her a little bit of credit for not making Sophia look like a drag queen, but even though Farrah seems to have enlisted Kim Kardashian's plastic surgeon, she is definitely emulating Kim's pre-Kanye style as opposed to Kim post-Kanye style and boy, is that a mistake.

The amount of makeup on Farrah's face could have been used to strengthen the foundation on our winter's snow-addled basement this year.


Debs kept up with Farrah's nastiness by throwing her kinship with Amber in Farrah's face.

Now, even though it does seem there is a genuine friendship between Amber and Debs, why did Debs throw it in Farrah's face? Farrah, of course, responded like the jealous baby she is, buuuuuut, c'mon. That was so mean, Debs!


We're seriously questioning Farrah's command of the English language. "Broughten"? We know someone who doesn't have any kind of higher level of education, much less an eMBA, and that's Farrah.

It's not clear if Farrah is just nervous on camera and emotional and can't speak in the moment of if she really doesn't realize that the word "broughten" simply does not exist.


Debs's tattoo advice was priceless. Even Farrah chuckled at that one.

If you didn't catch it, Debs suggested Sophia get a tattoo on her forehead to go along with her goth outfit.

At this point, Farrah has clearly become the more successful stage mom so it seems pretty reasonable for Farrah to scoff at taking her mom's advice.


Farrah's breakdown in the car while staring at her phone was equally priceless. One thing we do enjoy about watching Farrah interact with her mom is that her indignation does seem pretty genuine and it does not seem like she's faking things unlike Maci's "need for marital therapy" with Taylor.

We're really hoping, however, that Farrah's termination from Teen Mom doesn't mean that Debs is going to disappear along with her next season because Debs's blank facial expressions in response to Farrah's invective would be sorely missed.

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