Sophia Abraham's Glam Life Heats Up

farrah abraham

Farrah just can't get away from controversy. First, we hear that she could do jail time for her recent assault charge.

Then there's news of Sophia's lewd dancing on video.

Now, it appears while Farrah is doing a photo shoot, Sophia showcases just how quickly she's growing up. The video in question that we're talking about was a video posted to Sophia's twitter account with the caption, "Sophia's Glam Life."

In the video, Sophia copies the exact style of makeup afficianado's on YouTube and teaches us how to get our clown on, with her makeup tutorial.

all the while speaking in a Valley Girl voice that seems as if was copied right from the screen of "Clueless." Shockingly, Sophia doesn't end in looking like a clown herself and manages to put together a pulled together look, (though for some time, with all of the dark eyeshadow that she's covering her face with, it looks like things are going that way).

So what could possibly have been the purpose of the video?

We have a feeling that Farrah was trying to keep Sophia entertained during a photo shoot she had and recommended that Sophia make a video while she was sitting and waiting.

Then once the video had been completed, we're guessing Sophia insisted on posting it.

So do we think Sophia is headed in a Hollywood child star direction? Most definitely. In fact, we're shocked we have seen her in commercials yet!

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