Simon Saran Pulls Out The Snark - What Did He Say About Farrah's New Man?

We didn't think that Simon would go this low to respond to the reports of Farrah's new relationship, but then again, why were we so surprised considering what Deborah Danielsen had to say about him:

 Yes, Simon appears to be making the rounds publicly about Farrah since he went so public about her new man, Aden Stay. Apparently, Simon started talking right away, and here's what he told the Ashley:

“Good for her...she needs an older man in her life. Plus she needs the financial support from him. Guys like that are more willing to give [that].”

Oooof. So here's the guy that makes Farrah buy her own engagement ring acting like she's taking handouts from a Hollywood stuntman? 

It's clear Simon really wanted to hit Farrah a blow and attack her from the standpoint of her business acumen and her financial gain. Yes, Simon seems like a dope and as if he'd never even have the capacity to hit Farrah where it hurts.

Buuuuut, it does appears as if he knows enough about her to realize that if he implies Farrah is just dating this guy for the money, he'll manage to deliver the snark he's looking for.

Farrah clearly care about her reputation

What's with all of the reports that Aden Stay makes all of this money anyway? For some reason, Farrah clearly wants people to think her new man is wealthy but if stuntmen are so wealthy then why don't more people do it? 

And how does Aden Stay feel about all of this back and forth and being in the public eye in this fashion? 

We have a strong feeling Simon's remarks are about to ignite a feud because if there's one thing that's for sure, Farrah doesn't take a public comment about her lying down...


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