The Shocking Truth Behind Kail's Reunion with Chris Lopez

kail lowry

Today, there are reports out that Kail is back together with Chris Lopez because of their new baby. Wait, so the pregnancy tore them apart and the baby brought them back together? Something doesn't some right here.

And where a reunion sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So what's the real reason that Kail and Chris Lopez are back together? Well, here's our hypothesis:

Kail and Javi are clearly gearing up for the release of "Marriage Bootcamp" because Kail has been in the news a lot more lately.

Which is saying a lot considering the sensation that Jenelle has caused with all of her antics about her wedding.

But could it be possible that we're seeing more relationship drama emerge about Kail because her new show's premiere is impending?

We're not sure who the publicity machine is behind these teen moms but one things for sure, either they have a lot of drama going on or they're really good at spinning it 'cause the number of breakups and reunions among the teen moms in Teen Mom 2 could rival any Hollywood celebrity.