The Shocking Truth About Who Kail is Dating Now

kailyn lowry

Kaliyn Lowry has been quite the topic of gossip lately, especially with Javi dating Bri on the latest season of Teen Mom 2, her baby Lux, with Chris Lopez, and now the introduction of Daddy Dom in last night's episode. Wait, what? Yep, "Dom" is someone who Kail introduced as a her "friend" to everyone on the show, but it's clear that when they attended Jo's fundraiser even for the hurricane disaster in Puerto Rico, they were more than just friends.

Also, can we just say, how narcissistic is Kail considering how much she seems to care about what everyone is saying about who she's dating.

In any case, just who is Kail dating? According to Starcasm, Kail appears to be on a dating show right now. And the spin on this particular show, is each contestant winds up dating a set of people who look like their celebrity crush. Now, interestingly, based on the most recent episode of Teen Mom, one might think Kail might want to be dating a woman.

But it looks like Kail is most interested in a Quavo look-alike. So, Kail will wind up dating a number of men who could pass for Quavo.


We have to say, Kail is the first to act like a diva about clamming up about her personal life and now this? It looks like for the right price, this diva will open up about just about anything.

Or...maybe she's really just saving the juice for her insanely boring podcast, "Coffee Convos"?

The last time Kail appeared on another reality show, she and Javi starred on "Marriage Bootcamp" and unfortunately, all we got to see was a whole lot of anger. 

So will Kail pull out her more charming side on this particular occasion? We doubt it but not gonna lie, we're gonna have to check this one out!


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