The Shocking Things Kail Is Saying About Jenelle

Jenelle Evans

We know, we know, we already wrote about the Twitter spat that Kail and Jenelle had this morning but this stuff is just too juicy to hold back on.

So let's revisit some of the gems that Kail has been spewing about Jenelle in the last couple of hours.

As we told you before, Kail first exploded when Jenelle cast doubt on who Lux's baby daddy is. We're not really sure why Jenelle was compelled to do this - it seems to us like there's a whole teen mommy war going on in the background right now. And again, we're baffled as to why Jenelle would consider herself part of the competition at all.

Honey, you're making money right now because you blasted your teenage pregnancy, your drug abuse and your episodes of domestic violence with multiple partners over national TV, you didn't actually win an Academy Award or get publicity for doing something meaningful.

We though the mommy wars happened over moms competing with each other about their kids reaching developmental milestones, first, but hey, that's just us.

In any case, here's what else Kail had to say about Jenelle:

If you have 10+ mugshots do not try to blame me for you not being able to secure a job.

We also love this response from @AssassinSuicide:

Dude I don't think Janelle realizes Kail has a degree & custody of all her kids

Then we also have:

That wasn't even worth responding to. Over it

Unfortunately for the rest of us, once Kail is "over" something, the Twitter war usually boils over and cools down.

But leave it to Jenelle, we're pretty sure she's going to start ranting and raving once the Twittersphere backfires on her once again.

Stay tuned...

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