The Shocking Showdown Between Bristol and Dakota

Now that Bristol and Dakota have announced their impending divorce publicly and MTV is finally beginning to showcase the footage that reflects their marriage's unraveling, it seems the gloves are off and Dakota and Bristol are being caught throwing pot shots at each other. So what's being slung more recently? Dakota is now accusing Bristol of not letting him be present during their daughter's birth.

Meanwhile, Bristol immediately denied the reports.

We think that Dakota is sinking kind of low here. First of all, his accusation against Bristol isn't even that juicy.

It's highly possible that even if his accusation is true. we're guessing Bristol had her reasons for wanting to keep him out. What woman in her right mind wants to go through labor alone?

Second, it's unclear why Dakota thinks that accusing Bristol of such a thing would be the right direction to move in prior to what's likely to be a long and dirty divorce proceeding.

We're thinking that public accusations are likely to make Dakota seem more unstable and you know Bristol is going to use Dakota's mental health issues against him.

Third, why is Dakota dragging their kids into things? It's one thing to say on national television that Bristol hasn't been there for him but it's quite another to say that she didn't allow him to be present during the kid's birth.

Any type of slander toward the mother of his children is going to wind up affect his kids poorly in the future, so why bother?