The Shocking Feud Between Jenelle and Jessica Eason

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans is awfully proud of herself for having avoided the throw-down that happened on the latest Teen Mom 2 reunion. We're pretty sure that she really regretted not being there and making some additional publicity for herself since her entire income does depend upon it.

Still, we're not sure how much credit Jenelle should be taking considering she's been feuding with just about everyone else in the world.

Take Jessica Eason Miller, for instance. Jessica is the estranged sister of David Eason and unsurprisingly, David is no stranger to cutting off members of his family. Perhaps that's why he's been so encouraging of Jenelle's antagonism toward Babs? 

In any case, Jessica has recently been tweeting about an incident in which Jenelle apparently walked around her house with feces in her pants and when Jessica told her about it, Jenelle reportedly shamefacedly ran off.   

Hmm, the entire anecdote strikes us as somewhat spurious, especially since Jessica, herself, points out that the incident happened more than a year ago.

A number of people are speculating that the incident may have happened as a result of Jenelle's drug usage.

We're going to give Jenelle a lot of credit for kicking substance abuse buuuuuuuuuut, it seems so like her to go around sparring with just about everyone in the world.

Other than David, is there anyone that Jenelle can actually get along with? 'Cause you know that pretty soon, oh let's give it a few months, Jenelle is going to be feuding with Bri too.

Who thinks that friendship is far too young to ever hold any serious weight?

While Jenelle and Kail haven't been going at it on Twitter for a while, we're sure we'll be hearing about something by the end of this week. 

Stay tuned!


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