Shocker: Is Jenelle Calling Off Her Wedding?

Jenelle Evans

Oh. My. God. The news just broke last night that Jenelle has called off her wedding. Is this just another dramatic fight for the cameras to build hype for the show OR could this be the real deal?

According to The Ashley, Jenelle and David had a huge fight. Now, that much is obvious. Why else would you call off a wedding? But the hilarious part, here, is of course, was what they were fighting about.

Apparently, David was busy laying sod all day and surprisingly, Jenelle decided to help him. But then, she got overheated, and wanted to go back inside. That's when all hell broke loose. When Jenelle goes inside the house and David keeps laying sod, you know she's going to start feeling neglected.

We've all seen this scene play out on Teen Mom before. So of course, Jenelle got mad about the fact that David wasn't paying enough attention to her and making a fuss over her.

And then Jenelle started fuming. You know what happens when Jenelle starts fuming!

The other issue, apparently, was that David made some deals with some tabloids about their wedding, which also got under Jenelle's skin.

One thing that's interesting about this point, is ALL of the teen mom seem pretty possessive about the money they get from their publicity.

We've seen Jenelle and Chelsea get into twitter spats about various website and makeup product releases and so it's clear, that when it comes to money and business, these gals can get really riled up.

Now, here's the other shocker: Apparently, the producers and crew were bowled over by all of this.

So it seems like it wasn't staged, but rather, Jenelle was as usual, going off script and going nuts about David not pampering her and paying enough attention to her.

And where were the kids in all of this? Reportedly, Kaiser was running around the yard unsupervised and who knows, where the rest of the brood was.

So, what now? Well, apparently, there's a lot of contractors to be seen to. What with all of the endorsed products and service providers for this wedding, Jenelle could certainly owe quite a few money a pretty penny.

Our guess, here, is give the situation a couple of hours and the wedding will be back on. Yep, Jenelle, is a true explosive personality but like all firecrackers, eventually they die down.

And in her own words, in "Reading Between the Lines," Jenelle talks about how she can be pretty impulsive and express her rage in self-destructive ways but she is otherwise, a peaceful person.

So our bet, here, is that some mediator will manage to patch things up between Jenelle and David and the wedding will go on.

Someone seriously needs to give these two their own reality show.

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