See What Farrah Had to Say about Bristol Palin Here!

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Well, apparently, if MTV scorns you, you also unleash the fury.

Although quite clearly on videotape, MTV clearly gave Farrah a chance at redemption, she chose to reject it and move on.

But now, she has a whole lot of shade to unload onto Bristol. So what did Farrah have to say about Bristol lately?

Here's what People magazine has reported:

“I think it’s great.

I do feel like I’m watching an episode of Girl, Interrupted now...She moves to where I live. She looks like she wants to be a Farrah Abraham but isn’t with her ‘Maci’ storyline.”

Hmmm, ever notice how Farrah loves to refer to herself in the 3rd person?

Bizarre grammar antics aside, it's clear that Farrah is trying to remain relevant by getting publicity for her anger. Seems she's taking the same tactic that David Eason has been taking of late. 

We have to say, we do wonder what Farrah would have to say about being compared to David Eason. 

In other Farrah news, as has been extensively advertised, Farrah is going to be in the boxing ring with Hoopz, who expects to take her out in a 3rd round knockout and has been pointing out that people hate Farrah more than Trump because of how polarizing she can be.

Hmmm, interesting comparison...

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