See Jenelle and Kail's Feud Re-Erupt: The Claws Come Out

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans just can't stop. When it seems like there might be a lull in the gossip train about her, she has to make sure to activate it again.

Or maybe it's just that she hasn't been able to say her piece on the second part of the Teen Mom 2 reunion.

In any case, Jenelle made sure to try to activate her feud with Kail when she took to Twitter to make her thoughts known about Kail's admission that she slept with Javi on this season of Teen Mom 2. 

Here's what Jenelle said:

“Soooo try to make some other chick jealous by giving your body away again to your ex?” Ew. #EnoughSaid #NoMorals #NoStandards #JustAThought.”

However, Kail wasn't about to let her get away with it. 

Here's how she responded:

“Awe, Jenelle’s trying to come for me again… that’s cute. What’s up boo?! @pbandjenelley. Your man loves you so much he shared a photo of you spread-eagle for the world to see. Run along. @pbandjenelley_1.

Someone with what? 5 engagements, multiple abortions, 20+ mugshots, doing drugs on national television, etc. can’t come for me. Have a great night.

And let me clarify, I always joke about being white trash myself. But when you’ve done all that, you cannot come for me. Period.”

Oh. boy. When these ladies decide to throw shade, boy do they throw it.

And talk about Kail really ripping Jenelle apart.

We have to say, if we were to get into a Twitter war with one of these ladies we'd certainly prefer to take on Jenelle considering how tame she appears in comparison to Kail.

So what do you think? Who's the more vicious one on Twitter?


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