See Briana and Kail's Epic MTV Reunion Throwdown

Briana DeJesus

Now that Javi is out of the picture, MTV must have decided that they needed to fan some flames between Briana and Kail. So, of course they decided to leak some footage of Kail and Bri's epic throwdown.

Of course, we didn't get to see the entire rumble go down.

But the hilarious part of this video is how all of it takes place between closed doors and a whole bunch of Bri/Kail friends along with MTV crew look really nervous as the audio for the clip is being filmed and played.

Let's summarize what happened shall we? 

So it looks like Kail approached Bri and primarily because Bri said some choice things about Kail's kids and Chris Lopez. Now, we know about this from a couple of months ago. For some reason, Bri decided to drag Kail's kids into their conflict.

But then instead of apologizing, Bri decides to tell Kail to relax a few times, which of course, was probably what caused Kail to go ballistic. Bri also goes on to say to Kail that she can say whatever she wants and she's going to.

To her credit, however, it appears Kail also has plenty to say about Bri's mom and her family.

After that, it's unclear what Kail might have said since Bri is heard telling her over and over again, "You're not gonna do @$!Q%#!!"

Hmmm, so what gives? Was the whole battle staged especially since we know Javi was no longer at the epicenter of this fight when it happened? Or do Kail and Bri have a lot of bad blood between them given the number of choice comments each has made about the other? We're guessing it's a bit of both and also has to do with the fact that these two realize their conflict is a goldmine for publicity.

Will these two ever get to a state of friendship? In the world of Teen Mom, anything is possible. 

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