Season 9, Episode 17 Recap: Kail Gives Us All a Reason To Hate Jenelle Even More

After Jenelle's dog-gate this week, we have a lot of reasons to respect the other teen moms that much more. But did anyone embarass themselves this week? Check it out. 


Addie has been spending some time with Jeremy which is why they dragged him out from under a rock in the wood to talk to some stiff in front of the camera. Apparently, Addie asked Jeremy why he left her "momma." Oh boy.

How do these people even understand each other. Btw, who's "sissy."?

Later, we find out that Addie has been trying to get her parents back together and Leah surmises this has to do with Addie's age. 



John visits Bri and they spend time together with the kids. Apparently, Nova is warming up to him. We wonder how Nova keeps track of all of the men in Bri's life.

Bri tells John that she had an argument with Luis about Stella. Apparently, Luis feels supervised at Bri's house.

Bri is really pushing it when she tells John that she needs to have a baby with him first to test out whether he's going to be a good dad or not.

Um, we thought that one tested for a man being a good man through other, less major interventions?

Bri meets up with Jenelle and they discuss John's new relationship. We're surprised that David is okay with Jenelle socializing with Bri considering she would seem to be someone David wants shot.

Jenelle complains that it's not fair to David that his family is being filmed and yet he doesn't get to be on TV and then hits us with a bevy of other bizarre claims such thinking it's so nuts that MTV is taking David's threat toward them seriously.

Or, wondering why people don't take David seriously when he's actually trying to home-school Marissa.

Later, Devoin stops by and gives Nova a doll. We see Roxanne later telling Bri that she needs to show up or a family photo and Luis might be there.



We see a message flash across the scene about how David has been texting the MTV producers. We have to say, all of Jenelle's segments have been a message about David's chaos. Also we love that Jenelle is filming with a friend who blows off David's behavior toward Jenelle as a "marital squawk.: We think Jenelle's friend who doesn't speak English well enough to think of the right word (squabble) is seriously high here if she thinks any fight between Jenelle and David can be called a squabble. Meanwhile, Jenelle is upset about Babs being worried about her relationship with David.

Yep. Jenelle spends a lot of time to defending David but for some reason, compares him to R. Kelly. Wait, whaaaatttttttt?!!! Does she think that's a good defense.

Jenelle is in Florida vacationing with her friend and decides to meet up with Bri. 



Kail is sitting on her couch getting bigger than ever which is why she needs to build a house to move into to accommodate her ever expanding frame.

Later, we see Jo on the couch with Vee talking about how he's trying to reduce tension with Kail.



Chelsea mentions that she had a panic attack and went to the ER. Chelsea and Aubree have been having trouble adjusting to their robbery. We feel like this ENTIRE storyline was made up for Chelsea because the producers like her and feel bad that her life is sooo stable she's no longer interesting.

Chelsea notes she has to wear a Holter heart monitor for 24 hours to rule out the possibility that anything is wong with her other than panic.. Chelsea's friend talks to her dad and step-mother about Chelsea's panic.

Later, Chelsea has dinner with her family and papa-Randy weighs in as a psychiatrist (though he happens to be a dentist). 


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