Ryan's One True Love: His Cavalier, Chance

Ryan Edwards has been real, real busy lately. Ryyyyyyyyyyaaaaaan, as MacKenzie would drawl, has been threatening gun violence, impregnating MacKenzie, getting into more trouble for his drug usage and even sleeping around with a few other women on Tinder.

Frankly, we're shocked he had the fortitude to get up off of his couch and do all of that.

But, if there's one thing that Ryan has definitely made time for in the past several months, it's his King Charles Cavalier, Chance.

Case in point:


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Now, we're not sure why Ryan decided to name his dog Chance - was it because there was a "chance" that the dog would be the one creature in his life to truly trust in him and take a "chance" on his capacity to care for another living being? In any case, Chance features pretty strongly in every scene that Ryan is in on Teen Mom OG. 

Looking for Ryan to grill MacKenzie on her spending habits? Chance is there. Ryan takes Bentley trick-or-treating for exactly 3.5 minutes. Yep. There's Chance.

He got some quality time in with Ryan on Halloween, unlike Bentley. Was Chance there when we find out Mackenzie might be pregnant? Yep. There he is. How about every time Ryan has a complaint about Maci? There's Chance.

So will Ryan, like the rest of us, figure out that his one true love in life is really Chance and just chuck MacKenzie, Maci, Bentley and Jen and Larry like he should? We have a feeling that Twitter rant is up and coming for our Ryyyyyan.

Stay tuned!

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