Ryan's Behavior in Jail Will Shock You

Most people who wind up in jail look at it as a chance to get rehabilitated, maybe learn some skills, lose some weight, get sober and pass some time until you can get out and get on with the rest of your life. But not Ryan. Uh uh. It looks like, shockers of shockers, Ryan decided it was a chance of a lifetime.

No, not to do more drugs (although we wouldn't put that past him). Nah, he decided it was his chance to cheat on Mac. Ruh-roh. Let's look at what happened, shall we?

Ryan has been busted for cheating on Mac while in jail on heroin and theft charges by getting access to other women through Tinder. Wait, you get to use your phone while in jail? Huh. That struck has unusual.

But it looks like Ryan managed to pull off the feat when he was released from jail. 'Cause that's the first thing you do when you get out.

Oh and guess what made Ryan want to cheat?

According to Radar, MAc has dyed her hair darker and been wearing some low cut shirts on social media. Yep.

That's the stuff that can really drive a man away. On yah, and she's been really busy taking care of both of her son as a single mom, but apparently Ryan doesn't have much empathy for that.

Here's what Radar collected from an insider:

Mackenzie is not about to deal with being put down by him and his accusations when she's done everything to try and be there for him,” the insider said. “She worked on herself for him, not for other people.

We wouldn't be surprised if Mac decided to let Ryan loose after all of this new controversy. Ryan is, let's face it, not exactly a winner.

And that's when he still had a role on an MTV reality show.

Now that he's been spending more of his time in jail than out of jail, we're thinking it could be time for Mac to move on. What do you think?


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