Ryan Was Found With Heroin and 14 Syringes???

Every time you think things can't look worse for Ryan, they do.  Now, thanks to US Magazine, we have information from the police report for Ryan's 2017 arrest.

The report states that an officer spotted a needle in the back seat of a car when talking to Ryan, so he went to investigate.

He searched the car, and found 13 more. When asked, apparently Ryan said: "I don't know" why I have them.

Ryan was also found with 1.8 grams of heroin and 2 silver spoons with heroin residue. At that point, he apparently admitted that he had a problem.

You may remember that Ryan was recently arrested again -- this time for violating probation -- although we don't know the exact circumstances of that arrest.

After Mackenzie's performance at this year's reunion, the release of this news is bound to cause more tension between her and MTV.  For his part, Ryan is now claiming that he has been going through routine court-ordered drug testing, and has passed.  We'll see whether that's true...


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