Update: D-ck Pics And Pink P-ssy - Ryan's Cheating Scandal Just Got Way Worse!

ryan edwards

Radar is now reporting that Ryan Edwards has been on Tinder and trying to hook up with women since he got married a few months ago.

He apparently had a conversation with a woman on August 12th, and asked what she was looking to do on Tinder.

When she replied, he disappointedly said "so not down to fu-k?" She said that it "depends," and he then asked her to "chill" late at night after she gets off work.

He continued to pursue her over the next few days.

Radar called Edwards and hasked him for a response. He said "Get [the] fu-k out of here with that dumb sh-t."


Well this is gotten much worse, REAL FAST. It looks like Ryan's been sending pictures of his penis to the woman. According to Radar, Ryan sent two pictures of his penis to the woman, then asked to see her naked:

"Send me a picture...send me a sexy one. Let me see how pink it is."

He also said:

"Make me hard...send me a video [of] u playing with yourself...Come over I told you I'll let you sit on my face so I can get u good an wet."

You can see the text message photos here.

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