Ryan and Mackenzie Have Their Son and You Won't Believe His Name!

Call it a throwback but Mackenzie and Ryan decided to name their son "Jagger" and he was born early Tuesday morning. Mackenzie must have been really mad that her son's birth didn't make the Teen Mom OG finale - we bet she was cursing Maci in that hospital room.

As for Jenn and Larry, apparently they showed up for the baby's birth 'cause it turns out that Ryan WASN'T THERE. Yep, folks, Ryan was apparently checked into another rehab facility and as a result, couldn't be there for the birth of his child.

Oh boy, we bet Mackenzie is just dying to divorce Ryan now that she can't be on the choice.

We also have a strong feeling that her getting pregnant was a choice she and Ryan undertook thinking that the birth would be filmed on Teen Mom OG, leading to all kinds of lucrative endorsement deals.

Mackenzie had also told various news outlets that she was upset with MTV for wanting to film her child with Ryan but not her. Oof.

We wonder if Mackenzie and Ryan realize that they had become quite possibly the most BORING couple on Teen Mom OG and that they're dog seemed to be able to add more to the show than either of them.

In any case, we have a strong feeling we haven't hear the last of Mackenzie or Ryan and her new wedding consultancy business will be going bankrupt soon OR Ryan will have another unfortunate set of mug shots going around the internet.

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