Ruh roh: Jenelle Lose Custody!

It looks like Jenelle Evans finally met with what we all thought would be her fat about 2 years ago buuuuuuuuut, it just happened! Yes, Jenelle has lost custody of ALL of her kids.

While just about every media source is reporting on this today, we have to say, TMZ is definitely reporting the juiciest details.

So what did TMZ have to say? 

First of all, it seems Jenelle and David are spending all of that hard-earned teen mom money on court. What? Yep, that's right, on lawyers.

'Cause these two seem to be making a career out of having to spend time in court.

Second, it looks like whoever testified provided some really concerning testimony about what was going on in the home: 

After 4 days of explosive testimony, in which Jenelle, David, Kaiser's dad Nathan Griffithand others testified about problems in the home, the judge decided there were serious issues with Jenelle and David that put the children at risk.

Third, all of the kids are stuck with...who else? Either Babs another grandma or a baby momma. Oh boy. At lase Ensley and Jace got to stay together.

So sad. Seems Jenelle might actually be better off without all of the cameras in her face after all.


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