Reports: Jenelle Evans 'Officially Done' With TM2

Jenelle Evans

There is an unconfirmed report by Teen Mom Updates on Facebook that Jenelle is "officially DONE" with Teen Mom 2.  

According to the report, after complicated negotiations for the next season of the show, Jenelle and MTV could not come to a deal, because David has been insisting that he needs to be paid as well. He refuses to allow Jenelle on the show if he can't be on too.

The report says that MTV is unwilling to allow David on, and the two parties have reached an impasse.

We have been aware that there were some stumbling blocks with Jenelle and MTV over season 9 for a while.

The Ashley reported in June that Kail, Leah, Chelsea, and Briana have all signed contracts for the upcoming season. However, Jenelle's status was still up in the air.

At the time, they wrote that "Jenelle is only negotiating through her lawyer.

Some of the executive producers have been on the phone [with the lawyer] for the last few days, trying to negotiate...She was not budging and MTV was not budging." So it's not surprising that things may be on the rocks with Jenelle's contract.

Regardless of whether Jenelle is officially off the payroll, there's a reasonable chance that the two parties decide to come to an agreement later, when MTV realizes the show is much more boring without Jenelle, and Jenelle realizes how much she needs the paycheck.

We'll see how this story develops.

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