The Real Reason Kail Threatened Briana in the Teen Mom 2 Reunion

Briana DeJesus

Following the trail toward the intense throw down between Briana and Kail has been complicated given that we're only seeing the footage of the conflict between them on the most recent season of Teen Mom 2 now.

But, we also have to track the media trail that led up to the the reunion that took place just a couple of days ago, since it's clear emotions were intense right up to the most recent events.

So, what do we suspeBri t threw Kail over the edge?

We suspect a lot of this had to do with the deluge of information Bri has recently been feeding the press. First, Bri has been talking smack about how Chirs Lopez has been abusive to Kail. We suspect Kail went ballistic over the fact that her kids are involved (e.g.

Lux). But also, in a deleted tweet, Chris Lopez reportedly told Kail that he'd hit up Bri like Javi did. Uh oh.

Then, Bri gave Radar an exclusive about how Kail has been obsessed with the fact that she dated Javi and how she needs to let it go.

Bri also went on to point out that she has never had an intention of being friends with anyone on the show which is why the concept of "girl code" simply doesn't apply to her.

Hmmmm.....we'd say these are all really fighting words. It's clear Bri uped the ate against Kail and we know from experience from Kail's conflicts with Jenelle.

Kail specifically gets revved up by people speaking to the media about her (remember how angry Kail got about Jenelle revealing her baby news to the press before she could?).

So what gives? Will these two wind up pressing legal charges against each other over their major fight with each other at the Teen Mom 2 reunion?

Stay tuned for our recap episode of Teen Mom 2 tomorrow!

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