The Real Reason that Luis Didn't Show Up When Stella Was Sick

Briana DeJesus

Last night on Teen Mom 2, Luis went AWOL and didn't make an appearance, even when Bri called him to let him know that she was taking Stella to the ER. Now, even for a typical deadbeat dad on Teen Mom, this was a little excessive in terms of being irresponsible.

The behavior from Luis was particularly troubling given that Luis was the one who pushed so hard for Bri to have Stella and not give her up for adoption.

Luis also insisted on trying to be there for Stella's birth and wanted to come over and stay with Bri the first few days of her life.

Of course, things didn't exactly go as planned and as she'd expected, Bri wound up doing pretty much everything on her own.

So what gives?

Our conspiracy theory is that Luis did in fact call Bri back when Stella was in trouble but this was either omitted from the footage or will be shown next week.

The reason we think this is that it's just too egregious for Luis to have behaved this way on camera. It simply doesn't make sense that Luis would want to portray the worst version of himself on national TV.

In any case, we'll find out soon enough next time. Got your own predictions? Let us know.

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