The Real Reason Kail and Jenelle Need to Fight It Out in the Boxing Room

The war between Kail and Jenelle rages on and now Jenelle is getting outraged about remarks Kail recently made about David Eason. Surprise, surprise - Jenelle defending David once again.

Yep, folks,Jenelle could make a career out of speaking out on David's behalf. Oh wait, that seems to be how she keeps her name in the press.

In any case, this time around, Kail threw the first punch. Here's what went down: 

Kail publicly stated on social media that she will not be attending any more teen mom reunions where David is present for the same reason that crew members don't want to film around David - reportedly members have been frightened by David.

After Kail tweeted her remark, TooFab noted that Jenelle posted the following in her Instagram stories:

"#RumorAlert MTV doesn't even come to my house to film, where David is. I solely film with my mom at lunches or with the kids and my mom," she wrote. "David is never involved. This was my contract 'terms' to begin with. Everyone still has to make a huge deal about David when he isn't involved. My husband DOES NOT interfere with filming. Producers get angry when David is going to be at my child’s soccer games, or if i go to LA to do business etc .. they CHOOSE not to come," she added. "David never 'waved' his guns at anyone since they've met him. They just don't understand #CountryLiving and how protective someone is of their family and their land."

Hmmm, them's some fighting words. Jenelle also went on to call Kail the "c" word. 

Woah, Jenelle certainly knows how to make the conversation sink really low. 

More on this later, since we know this is just the beginning of this war. 




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