The Real Reason for Jenelle's Fight With David Last Night on Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans

Last night on Teen Mom, Jenelle and David had a huge fight. Now, this is just par for the course for these two with their relationship.

But what's confusing about this fight is that the fight didn't get captured for the cameras and on top of that, Jenelle didn't wind up telling the MTV crew any of the details either.

While Jenelle did send the producers a text about how David wouldn't stop putting her down and was going to call the cops if they didn't get off of the property (which is a bizarre thing to tell your employer), the next day, Jenelle refused to talk about the fight and remained silent when David said that there was no fighting and Jenelle was actually lying about the whole thing.

So what went down?

We know that the photographer that Jenelle and David had booked for their engagement photos definitely got canceled. So that means that one of them called the photographer impulsively in the middle of the fight, likely when one had threatened the other about the wedding being off. We also know that Jenelle didn't say anything when David said she was lying about the whole fight.

But it's clear that David was being pretty fake and that something had definitely gone down in that household.

So, we're guessing that Jenelle didn't want MTV to know something. But what would Jenelle not have wanted the audience to know?

One possibility is that David did something to make himself look really bad.

Another possibility is that Jenelle and David were high, and so didn't want the cameras to capture the fight for that reason. Yet another possibility is that David said some dirt about Jenelle that she didn't want the country knowing.

Whatever went down, we're hoping that everything gets revealed next time on Teen Mom.

It did look like Jenelle was dying to tell the producers her side of the story except that David was right there so she couldn't speak freely.

Based on this and the way that David handled Kaiser last night, we're starting to believe Babs....

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