The Real Reason David Eason is Trolling Kail

kailyn lowry

So, we've already talked about how David Eason has been trolling various costars of Jenelle from Teen Mom 2 - now, we've come to find out that David Eason has also been persecuting Kail Lowry.

So, a good question is, what has David Eason had to say and why? Why bother going after Kail at all?

It looks like what David did, was to post nasty remarks about Kail when she posted a pic from a photo shoot she did. 

In response, David posted the following comment:

Too bad your mans beard is patchy as fuck. Oh yea, and I thought you were a lesbian? Oh, I see you just like to fuck everyone! I guess Barb was right about you, lmao... Oh and btw, Jenelle said she will NOT go on that show with you to ‘make amends’ as [there] was no friendship to begin with!”

First of all, why does Jenelle allow David to fight her wars for her? We know that she's had a problem with Kail for a long time and frequently trolls Kail herself - but what's the deal with David going after Kail? 

Second, we strongly suspect David is on the warpath about Kail expressing her concerns about Jenelle's possible abuse by him.

Shortly after Jenelle's fateful 911 call about David, Kail had spoken out about how Jenelle needed out from what appeared to be a toxic relationship.

Is there a reason David gets so defensive about this? Doesn't he realize when your wife is calling 911 making statements about her husband assaulting her, it's bound to make people wonder?

Of course, Kail isn't one to hold back. Here's her hilarious response:

"Imagine being a grown a** man trolling on your wife’s co-stars Instagram. Married a winner."

The reality is, David seems awfully afraid of what his costars have to say about his relationship with Jenelle.

Is it also possible he knows that Jenelle is his only life-line to an income and when he does lose his temper with her he immediately regrets it? It all certainly sounds like it's part of a cycle of anger management issues...


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