The Real Reason Bri and Javi HAVE NOT BROKEN UP?

Briana DeJesus

Bri is all over social media and the tabloids today, talking about why she and Javi have not broken up. She is pushing this relationship hard.

First, she and Javi have to take these really fake-o dates everywhere, photographing themselves in coordinated outfits, pushing their children into doubles dates and spending time at places like Disney together.

Then, they take things a step further, talking to the tabloids about their relationship. Now, Bri is actually pushing her tabloid articles on social media?

Something smells fishy about this one.

Take a look at the picture above. Who coordinates their clothes this much just in the first few months of the relationship?

Now, Bri makes a big deal in the US Weekly article about how she feels her baby daddies have never been there for her and how Javi is definitely much more of a present father.

Here's what else she had to say:

"Again, any and all breakup rumors are definitely false and it's ridiculous not spending Christmas together is what's behind them. We each have families we had to spend Christmas with, to be clear."

Why would she care so much? Well, if you're a teen mom and you know that your 15 minutes of fame could be up at any time, we're guessing that Bri found a way to keep her name in the news and split the profit own the middle with that "way" and that "way" is her relationship with Javi.

Any other hypotheses?

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