EXCLUSIVE! Teen Mom Junkies Personal Interview With Debra Danielsen: Part II

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As we mentioned before, we here at Teenmomjunkies had the chance to nab an exclusive interview with Debra Danielsen of TeenMomOG about her re-release of Vapor: A True Story of How I Fell Victim to Catfishing, the tale of how she got catfished out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We learned all about her experience with this but what's more, also had a chance to get the deets on her real thoughts about Simon.

Read on to find out about this as well as what Debra is going to be up to next.

Teenmomjunkies: What advise would you give women looking for love on the internet based on your experience with Dr. David?

Debra Danielsen: My advise would be, be damn careful. I myself was on 15 different sites, and a result, was able to best understand which site was best.

What you need to do is to figure out which sites work for you and protect you.

I found elitesingles.com was the best for me but my approach was not to focus too much on pictures, but spend a lot more time looking at the psychological profile for my fit.

We're prone to getting drawn to picture, but I actually found focusing on the psychological fit worked for me.

Teenmomjunkies: You discuss some pretty dramatic moments in your relationship with Farrah in the book. What do you say to all of your fans out there who wonder how you put up with some of this stuff?

Debra Danielsen: God helps me. I love my daughter Farrah unconditionally. It's also important to appreciate the significance of mental illness. Mental illness affects 1 out of 5 people.

It's a clinical, medical diagnosis and getting treatment for it is so vital, it's just like getting treatment for the flu or for cancer. This is why I applaud Amber who is taking the issue, head on in the media and educating the public about the importance of treatment.

I love Farrah but I can't control my daughters. I know this. So you can love the child even if you don't love the person they are being.

Teenmomjunkies: On Marriage Bootcamp: Family Edition, you talked about how Simon is a gold-digger, can you talk more about your thoughts about him?

Debra Danielsen: No man who loves a woman would tell her to buy an engagement ring for herself and then give it to her. I want Farrah to be treated well and so I was expressing my thoughts about this.

Teenmomjunkies: What is it like for your when Dr. David sets limits with Farrah on the show? Do you appreciate that? Is it tough for you?

Debra Danielsen: Farrah is not used to someone standing up to her with authority and that's what Dr. David did. Dr.

David wants Farrah to to be happy and wants her to treat her mother with respect. That's all.

However, keep in mind, all of these moments are being filmed for a show.

Imagine if your life was being filmed; so many of the things that happen in your life that you move on from pretty quickly are portrayed in an exaggerated way on the show.

Teenmomjunkies: What's coming up on Teen Mom OG that viewers can look forward to? What's next for you and your family given the recent news that Farrah willl not be returning for a new season of Teen Mom OG?

Debra Danielsen: I'm so sad to report that Farrah has eliminated me from her life. This has been so difficult for me.

But, I will be filming a livestream program on younow.com -it's going to be a new show that will show me but also show my other daughter Ashley.

So many fans come up to me and as about Ashley and so fans will get to see more of me with Ashley and her family.

Check out part 1 here.

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