Nova Couldn't Be Happier To Have A Baby Sister

Briana Dejesus

Briana DeJesus is now the proud mother of not one, but two little girls.

Nova, her oldest, now has a baby sister and according to reports, she is adjusting to her big sister role pretty well.

Of course there seems to be a little bit more adjusting to be done, though, all seems to be going extremely well.

"She is so in love with Stella," Bri recently told MTV News, according to a recent report.

"All she wants to do is help change diapers, make bottles, and she asks all these questions about her little sister. She's adjusting to it very well."

While she is being very helpful with her little sister, Nova still seems to be dealing with the struggles that any child in her situation would.

"She has her moments where some of my attention is completely on Stella and she gets a little frustrated, but she understands that Stella is a baby and that she needs a little bit more of my attention," said DeJesus, according to the report.

We know Nova will be a great big sister and it's pretty awesome to see her adjusting well to having a sibling. We're expecting to see much more of Nova and Stella in upcoming episodes.