Not To Worry, There's No Way Javi Will Delete His Twitter Again -- For One Reason

javi marroquin

There's pretty broad consensus that ever since Javi started hooking up with Briana DeJesus, he's started to become like her.

Javi Marroquin Threatens To Delete Twitter

Last week, Javi again threatened to delete his Twitter in a huff, after all of the things Kail said. But one thing's for sure...he's not going to delete his Twitter any time soon.

Why? You may have noticed that he's been tweeting out a lot of clickbait articles. In fact, if you look at their Twitter accounts, he and Briana tweet the same clickbait articles within seconds of each other.

It appears that the two of them have entered into a business arrangement to promote those articles. Most of the articles come from The Hollywood Gossip, although some come from Radar and other sites.

If you look closely at the URLs they tweet, you will notice that they all contain a referral parameter, like this one: utm_source=relicagency&utm_medium=Partner&utm_campaign=relicagency

What does that mean? There's a marketing agency called Relic, and that agency drives social media marketing campaigns. It seems pretty likely that Bri and Javi have signed up to work with the agency to drive traffic to sites.

So How Much Do Bri and Javi Make?

Interestingly enough, you can make a ton of money tweeting out other people's articles. With Javi's 176,000 Twitter followers, he can command around $815 per post. Considering that he posts 2-3 a day, he may be earning up to $2500/day off this.

Similarly, Briana, with her 107,000 followers, can earn up to $2000 per day, although she seems to delete a lot of the posts after a little while.

Now, these numbers are general, and with their specific contracts, Javi and Bri may be making more or less. Nevertheless, that's quite a score for them, and one reason you won't seem deleting their Twitter accounts soon...

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Instagram post by Javi Marroquin • Oct 25, 2017 at 6:35pm UTC