No, 'Teen Mom 2's Nathan Griffith Is Not Engaged

Nathan Griffith

Looks like the Teen Mom 2 world got into a frenzy when they believed that Nathan Griffith and his girlfriend Ashley were engaged.

However, that doesn't seem to be the case and Ashley herself went about extinguishing the rumors. Well, guess there was no attention being sought out.

"After fans started to congratulate them on their engagement, Nathan's girlfriend Ashley took to Twitter to slam the rumors," according to InTouchWeekly.

"'Just goes to show how easily rumors get started [and] how you can't believe everything you hear. Stop reading into everything.

I'm not engaged' she wrote. Fans responded to her tweet, explaining that they all thought she was announcing her engagement because she used the ring emoji in her original caption. 'I appreciate all the love, but not engaged...yet.'"

Even if she isn't engaged, she may be throwing a hint out there, come on, who uses the ring emoji just because? Without reading into though, it looks like we'll have to save our congratulations for the couple in case the real day rolls around.

Nathan's got more important things to tend to, such as the heavy custody battle and the aftermath of it, which gave Jenelle's mom, Barbara, full custody of Kaiser.

We'll keep on waiting for the engagement in the meantime.

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