Nathan Request Primary Custody of Kaiser

Jenelle Evans

Although Jenelle wants to keep painting Nathan as a deadbeat dad, pointing out that he spends little time with Kaiser and has never really made an attempt to get to know his son, on this season of Teen Mom 2, we've seen Nathan really escalating his efforts to try to spend time with Kaiser. And now, according to Radar, Nathan has actually filed for primary custody of Kaiser.

It seems that the gun incident that Jenelle had with Jace has only increased Nathan's desire to ensure that Kaiser is better protected.

Said Nathan according to Radar: 

"It's mediation...we're going to talk and come to an agreement. If we don't, then it's going to go to custody court. I want to be the primary caregiver."

Woah. That's definitely some upcoming drama for Jenelle's segment of the next season of Teen Mom 2. 

So will Nathan win custody of Kaiser? Although we think that he may be able to improve his visitation rights, we see it as highly unlikely. The reality is that Jenelle has been caring for him for all of this time on her own and Kaiser has clearly been parented just fine.

Although a few incidents and interactions with David have raised some eyebrows while filmed on TV, we suspect the argument that would be made in retort is that this is just filming for TV and the editing fo the raw footage wound up emphasizing things that would otherwise never be an issue.

Not to mention, Nathan does have some pretty serious assault issues himself in the past that don't exactly make him an ideal primary caregiver.

So what do you think? Should Kaiser be in the primary custody of Nathan? 


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