Is Nathan Griffith's mom keeping Kaiser? Shocking video surfaces...

Jenelle Evans

This is a pretty amazing story, if true.  

Update: Radar has confirmed this story with two sources.  The sources are saying that Jenelle is in fact trying to go to court this morning.  They are reporting that the police were called at 1:22 yesterday.  

Now, a video has surfaced showing what appears to be Kaiser suggesting David put marks on his butt:

Nathan did not deny the video was authentic, but he responded to the person who posted the video: "I don’t know how the hell you got this video but it’s sick posting this and subjecting this little boy to your all charades, just for your entertainment and their humiliation."

It is being implied that this, along with other evidence, was used by Doris to build a case to CPS that Kaiser shouldn't be returned to Jenelle.

Original story (updated):

According to Starcasm, a source is saying that Doris is keeping Kaiser from Jenelle. The source suggests that things got so heated that the cops were called to Doris' house, and they intervened.

But even with the police there, Jenelle was not able to get Kaiser back.

There is a further rumor that it was Child Protective Services who decided not to return Kaiser to Jenelle -- and that she has some kind of hearing today.

Starcasm is generally a very reliable source, but this one seems quite. Starcasm read that as a sign that the rumors may be true.  

Here are the original tweets (with a screenshot from the source):

In response, Jenelle posted this:


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