MTV Posted and Deleted a Tweet that Angered Thousands, Including Kail...What Was It?

Jenelle Evans

In the past 24 hours, the entire Twittersphere has been reacting to Monday night's episode Teen Mom 2, in which Jenelle and David have an epic fight, and later, David disciplines Kaiser, much to fans' dismay.

All anyone can talk about is the fact that Jenelle's kids are neglected and abused, but also, that MTV has been exploiting this family.

Again, a rundown of what happened: As Jenelle and David took engagement photos, Kaiser touched their camera, prompting David to grab him and direct him away from them toward a play area.

Meanwhile, Kaiser proceeded to cry and MTV captioned what he was saying as "feed me" while he cried and broke down.

Meanwhile, MTV posted something recently that Kail then reacted to. In Kail's tweet to MTV, she said:

"Is there an intern running this account? There's nothing funny about this!"

However, pretty quickly, MTV deleted the post, even as fans began reacting to Kail. And then Chelsea and Randy Houska also weighed in, alarmed.

So what exactly did MTV post?

The tweet, which is now deleted, was a meme of Kaiser. The picture came from this week's episode, where Kaiser was begging to be fed, and crying. MTV took the picture and wrote "Literally me..." with a pizza emoji.

Unsurprisingly, someone at MTV finally realized that they should not be making memes out of a child begging to be fed while his mom is too busy with her own bullsh-t, and the tweet was removed.

Twitter users had their responses, however:

MTV has yet to make a statement about what happened -- more than likely it will be blamed on an intern.

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