Oh boy...MTV Is Considering Replacing Farrah With Mackenzie Edwards?

mackenzie edwards

Now that Farrah is officially gone from Teen Mom OG, MTV has been looking for someone to replace her.

There have been tons of rumors about who would be the new Teen Mom, but The Ashley is reporting that MTV has narrowed it down to two candidates.

According to the site, Mackenzie (Standifer) Edwards, Ryan's wife, is likely the frontrunner.

She is expected to be earning $3000 per episode (What was she making before? The other Teen Moms make way more, but that's nothing compared to Farrah).

Although given that she was totally 'unaware' about Ryan's drug habit, we'd guess they could offer her $100 an episode and she wouldn't notice.

Mackenzie isn't the only choice (thank the Lord!). Apparently Mackenzie (Douthit) McKee is also a possibility.

You may remember that we recently reported on her mother's struggle with cancer.

Mackenzie has been getting support from all over to be strong for her mother.

According to The Ashley, MTV has already been filming her for a few weeks, although it's unclear if that will be used for the series or just a special.

What do you think? Who should MTV choose to replace Farrah?

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